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  Paintball Players Safety Guide

This guide is a comprehensive source of paintball safety information. With more and more people organizing private games it is very important that everyone play paintball in a safe manner. With everything from the proper use of barrel socks, chronographing, CO2 & HPA regulations and it's proper use to goggle safety & paintball ballistics, you'll find everything you ever wanted to know on paintball safety right here. Never worry about  "what should I do" again.


How To Operate A Safe Paintball Field

This up to date manual covers safety, game rules, HPA & CO2 filling procedures,  proper goggle usage, netting guidelines, proper equipment maintenance, insurance and more. Everything down to the most minute detail has been covered from the hundreds of hours put into it's creation. It's a must for field operators wanting to educate themselves on paintball safety in order to protect players.


How To Run Your Own Paintball Tournament

Learn the ins & outs of paintball tournaments. Everything involved from formats, judging, rules, scoring & scheduling have been addressed. Having the knowledge up front will make for a smooth event weather it's a woods based event or the latest airball/xball style fields. The guide even includes schedules, forms, flyers, registration forms and more on a CD for quick use in Windows based pc's running Word.

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